Wytham Associations & Groups

Wytham Parish Meeting
The Parish Meeting is a statutory body which meets twice per year with all residents of the Village being "members" of the Meeting. The Members are invited to comment and make requests on a variety of issues at the meetings, usually held in June and November. The Meeting is responsible for raising the Parish Precept to cover the village's local needs and costs.

Next Wytham Parish Meeting: 8 December 2010, 19:30 at Wytham Village Hall.

Wytham Parents Association
The parents association is an informal group who work together to arrange activities and events for the children of the village. For further information contact:

Wytham Village Hall Committee
The Committee of our local village hall organise events throughout the year, from the famous fireworks display in November to the extremely popular car boot sales held throughout the year. The Committee also hire out the hall for parties, wedding receptions, local meetings, etc. For further information see our Wytham Village Hall website.

Aunt Sally Team
Aunt Sally is played by players throwing batons at a wooden skittle known as a doll and goes back at least as far as the 17th Century. It may have been introduced by Royalist soldiers during the English Civil war when Charles set up court in Oxford.  It is one of those pub games which is played only in a very confined locale and hardly at all outside of this area.  In the case of Aunt Sally, the location is Oxfordshire and despite being restricted only to pubs in and around Oxford it is a very popular game indeed which is taken very seriously by regulars and for which there are a number of leagues of some longevity.

Wytham's Aunt Sally team is based at Wytham's White Hart pub.

Wytham Cricket Club
The Club was originally founded before the First World War and re-formed again in 1958. For more information see the CLub's own website at: http://www.wythamcc.co.uk/