Wytham Village Stores, Post Office and Tea Garden

Wytham Village Stores is one of the most unique village shops in the UK. Sitiuated in the heart of Oxfordshire's Wytham Village, the Store and Tea Garden are now situated in a 200 year old, grade 2 listed building, and manages to pack in a wide variety of provisions and services to both villagers and passers-by.

Opening Times

Post Office: 9am - 1pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 12.30pm Saturday

Shop: 9am - 7pm Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri. 9am-1pm Wednesday & Saturday

Tea Garden: Open every day May - October (except Wednesday afternoons)

General Groceries & Tea Garden

We supply:

- general groceries
- local free range eggs
- freshly baked bread
- ground coffee
- frozen foods

and much more.

Our teag garden serves refreshments including:

- fine teas and coffees
- cakes
- flapjacks
- sandwiches (made to order)

These can all be taken seated in the adjacent garden. A beautiful setting on a sunny day.


The present siting of the shop has a history going back to approx 1950, although a shop in various forms has been in Wytham much longer, operating from at least 4 other houses within village.

Come and browse, say hello and have a chat and enjoy our fabulous location.

Telephone: 01865 243800